Dr. Yonhong Jhung oversees the department's role as a visionary and business of the company as co-founder of Tamul multimedia. As an expert in the field of multimedia coding and digital signal processing from 1995 to 1998, he has developed algorithms and semiconductor in SoC Division at Samsung Electronics. he has achieved R & D activities lively enough to carry out the development of the semiconductor audio DVDP, including Dolby Digital, MPEG, through this process, creating each of four patents on international and domestic during this period. he also researched Internet audio semiconductor development including compression MP3, AAC, such as WMA, later in Tamul multimedia, he applied the algorithm to develop low power consumption and also participated in the development of semiconductor technology and multimedia fusion video compression and communication channel audio compression technology. he has carried out the management division of Tamul multimedia and also in charge of business headquarters including oversees business units. Majoring in Electrical Engineering from Yonsei University, he has a Ph.D. in electrical engineering in theory of statistical digital signal processing at the University Purdue in the United States. Two Full paper has been published in the journal IEEE , he also has published a number of papers in national and international journal as a full member of Eta Kappa Nu and Tau Beta Pi to Honor Society..

Mr. Hyun, yoon-jong is responsible for the management and administration of the company as a director. As professionals at work, he designed a system LSI at Samsung Electronics Semiconductor Division, primarily developed for the On Screen Display IC Monitor IC for VCR and Analog Video signal processing (VHS/8mm) based analog circuit design techniques, he has contributed to the design of the Project Architect on the system developed for signal processing IC (DigitalVideo Camcorder) DVC ,currently he oversees the management division including the planning, management team, and has experienced to carry out the team of sales and marketing. he also contributed to the development of Flash Type MP3 Player Solution participated as co-founder of Tamul multimedia . After obtaining a degree in Electronic Engineering of Hanyang University in 1986, he joined Samsung Electronics, and has won the Technology Award of the engineering several times.