TMC688 Audio MP3CDP SoC provides a cost-effective solution for Audio CD application. The TMC688 SoC solution presents a rich set of features for a typical stand-alone Audio CD system: high-quality audio processing, fully embedded CD front-end (RF, servo control, and CD-DSP), up to 4megabit flash memory support. TMC688 also includes the following components: a 16-bit CPU with 24-bit audio DSP coprocessor, SDRAM, Nor-flash, 4-channel timers, I/O ports, audio PWM processor, 1-channel UARTs with handshake, IIC-BUS interface, IIS interface, SPI interface, USB FS Host interface, SD/MMC, PLLs for clock generation.
Especially, one newly adopted feature of TMC688 micro-architecture make the solution more cost effective. CalmADM, a cost effective MCU+DSP solution based on Samsung’s 16-bit MCU (CalmRISC16) and Samsung’s 24-bit audio DSP (CalmMAC24). CalmADM performs both system control and high quality audio processing like decoding of MP3 and decoding of WMA streams with additional special effects. Its low power and static design is suitable for power-sensitive applications.
  Processor Architecture
  - CalmADM3 MCU+DSP solution
  - CalmRISC16: 16-bit RISC architecture
  - CalmMAC24: 24-bit DSP for audio applications
  Supported Content
  - CD-DA, CD-MP3
  Front-End Unit (FEU)
  - Built-in CMOS AFE, digital servo and DSP
 Audio Stream Codec
  - MPEG 1/2/2.5 Layer 2/3 decoding(8k~48kHz, 2 channels, up to 320kbps)
  - WMA V4, V7, V8, V9(L1, L2) decoding
  - Audio Sampling Frequency: 8~48KHz for MP3 application
  Audio In/Output
  - Two channels audio PWM processor used as audio DACMemory Controller
  - Supports 16-bit or 8-bit data bus width for 16M SDRAM interface. (up to 128Mbits)
  - SDRAM Interface Supports four bank, 8-bit or 16-bit data, burst(up to 16burst) mode SDRAM.
  - Supports Serial-Flash interface
  Clock & Power Manager
  - Low power consumption
 Interrupt Controller
  - 32 interrupt sources
  General Purpose Input/Output Ports
  - 1 external interrupt port(extension possible to 4 ports)
  - Up to 36 multiplexed input/output ports
 IIC-BUS / UART Interface
 USB FS Host / SD / MMC / MSTICK / SPI Interface
 RTC / Watch dog timer / IR / Frequency Counter
  - Single 4.2336 MHz crystal clock input.
  - Oscillation Sources & PLL
  Operating Voltage
  - Core: 1.2 V
  - I/O: 3.3V
 Operating Temperature
  - -40*C ~ 85*C
  Operating Frequency
  - CalmADM CLK : Up to 135 MHz
  - System CLK : up to 125 MHz
  - 128-QFP-1420(AN)