The TMC8080 CDMP3 SOC is designed to provide a cost-effective, low power and high performance CDMP3 player solution for various CD applications. To reduce total system cost, the TMC8080 integrates the following functions: an optical RF, a front-end controller, an advanced Audio decoder, a control CPU with 8KB instruction/data unified caches. Also TMC8080 supports various I/F’s, USB, IIC, IIS, IR, SIO, SPDIF OUT, general purpose I/O Ports, 1-channel UART with handshake, 14-bit ADC for Audio, 14-channel S/H 10-bits DAC for Servo control, 4-channel Timer with PWM, 2-channel audio PWM out and 2-PLLs for clock generation.
 RISC Processor Architecture
  - ARM7TDMI-S based core processor
  - Fully 16/32-bit RISC architecture.
 Memory Controller
  - Supports 8-bit data bus width for SRAM interface
  - Supports 1/2/4-bit serial flash interface
  - Supports 16-bit data bus width for SDR interface.
 Cache Memory
  - 4 way set-associative cache with 8KB unified cache
  - 4-words per line with one valid bit and one dirty bit per line
 AFE(Analog Front-end)
  - 1,2,3,4x read of CD
  - Gain and level shift control of input signals for FE, TE, SBAD
  - RP, ENV, FOK & Defect signal generation
  - Support for flexible configuration of photo diodes
  - Support for multiple tracking schemes
 Smart Servo
  - CD 4x compatible digital servo
  - Built-in EFM slice
  - Wide capture range PLL
 DP(ECC Data Processor)
  - ECC(Error Correction Code)/EDC
  - EFM/EFM+ demodulator