TMD2101 is a single chip, low power MP3 Decoder that decodes MP3) digital audio data including CD-ROM Decoder and voice compression and de-compression for voice recorder. Especially this monolithic IC is designed with a low power algorithm and fully hard-wired logic with low operating frequency for low power consumed application like a portable device.

This product is EOL

 Single-Chip MP3 Decoder
 Supports Various Memory Controller(EDO, SDRAM)
 Electrical Shock Proof(ESP) for Audio Play
 Non-Compression Mode ESP
 ESP Time Depends on DRAM Memory Buffer Size, needs 16MB SDRM for 11 Seconds ESP time
 Digital Volume /Stereo Channel Mixer/Bass/Treble Control for MP3 and CD Play Mode.
 Various Digital Audio Output Formats are Supported
 Supply Voltage Range : 3.0 ~ 3.6V
   CDMP3 Player