TMD3101 is a single chip, low power MP3 Decoder that decodes MP3 digital audio data including voice compression and decompression for voice recorder. And the digital PCM data is converted to the analog audio signal by the internal 16bit DAC. A 12bit ADC is also included on chip for voice recording. And so the analog voice signal is input to the internal ADC in direct. Especially this monolithic IC is designed with a low power algorithm and fully hard-wired logic with low operating frequency for low power consumed application like a portable device.

This product is EOL

 Single-Chip MP3 Decoder
 Digital volume /Stereo Channel Mixer/Bass/Treble
 Voice Recorder using ADPCM Encoder/Decoder and 12 bit ADC
 16 bit Sigma-Delta Stereo DAC
 External PCM Audio Data Source
 Various Digital Audio Output Formats are Supported.
   Flash MP3 Player