The S5L8030 B/U/E Audio MP3 CDP SoC solution presents a rich set of features for a typical stand-alone Audio CD systems: high-quality audio processing, fully embedded CD front-end unit (RF, servo control, and CD-DSP). The S5L8030B also includes the following components: a 16-bit MCU with 24-bit audio DSP coprocessor, timers, I/O ports, audio PWM processor, UARTs, SPI, and PLLs for clock generation. Especially, The S5L8030B micro-architecturemakes the solution more cost effective. The CalmADM3 is a cost effective MCU+DSP solution based on Samsung's 16-bit MCU and 24-bit audio DSP, which is conducting system mana gement and high quality audio processing like decoding MP3 and WMA.
  • S5L8030B : Bosic CDMP3 & WMA Decoder SoC
  • S5L8030U : S5L8030B + USB
  • S5L8030E : S5L8030U + MP3 Encoder
 MP3 Decoding
   (8k~48kHz, 2 Channels, up to 320kbps)
 MP3 Encoding (S5L8030E)
   (8K~48KHz, 2 Channels, up to 320Kbps)
 WMA Decoding
 Built-in CMOS AFE, Digital Servo and DSP
 CD 4x Compatible Digital Servo
 GPIO, Timer, External Interrrupt, SPI, UART, IR
 USB Interface for USB type Memory Stick (S5L8030U)
 Two Channel Audio PWM Processor
 CalmADM3 MCU + DSP Solution
 Memory Controller
 Supply Voltage Range : 3.0 ~ 3.6v
 Package Type : 128 pin TQFP
   CDMP3 Player (Car & Home Audio)