The TMM7032 Multimedia Processor is designed to provide a cost-effective, low power and high performance Digital Audio applications. To reduce total system cost, the TMM7032 integrates the following functions: an advanced Audio decoder, a control CPU with 8KB instruction/data unified caches. Also TMM7032 supports various I/F’s, USB, IIC, IIS, IR, SIO, SPDIF OUT, general purpose I/O Ports, 1-channel UART with handshake, 14-bit ADC for Audio, 4-channel Timer with PWM, audio PWM out and 2-PLLs for clock generation.
The TMM7032 is fabricated in a standard 65nm CMOS technology. Its low power and static design is suitable for power-sensitive applications.
The TMM7032 is built around the ARM7 CPU core: The ARM7 cached processor provides a complete optimal performance CPU subsystem, including ARM7TDMI RISC integer CPU, 8KB instruction/data unified caches, with an AMBA bus interface. The ARM7TDMI core within the ARM7M executes both the 32-bit ARM and 16-bit Thumb instruction sets, allowing the user to trade off between high performance and high code density. It is binary compatible with ARM9TDMI, ARM10TDMI, and StrongARM processors, and is supported by a wide range of tools, operating systems, and application software.
 132MHz ARM7M (ARM7TDMI-S, 8KB unified cache)
 Audio stream decoder (Audio DSP: CalmMAC24)
 16-bit Unified Memory Architecture for SDR
 On-chip clock generator with PLL
 Core peripherals (UART, I2S, I2C, SPDIF Out, IR, SPI, GPIO, USB etc.)
 Memory card interfaces (3-in-1: Mstick, SDC, MMC)